The Steps you Need to Take After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can lead to injuries or even fatalities and while we hope that we never get involved in one, there’s always the risk that you’ll find yourself involved as long as you drive. While you could be obeying all the traffic rules and exercising great care, there are plenty of reckless drivers out there and you could find yourself in an accident because of their reckless actions. Whether you think you are to blame or that that the accident has been caused by someone else, there are a number of things that you need to do after an accident.

Call the police immediately
Immediately after an accident, the first thing you need to do is call the police. Some people think that this is never necessary unless they are involved in a major accident but they are wrong.
At the scene of the accident, you can never really tell the extent of the injuries you have suffered or the kind of expense that could later arise to carry out auto repairs. Having police on the scene immediately after an accident will guarantee that you have somebody gathering objective evidence which could be priceless in future. Of course, you should let the police do their work but never admit that you could have caused the accident – this confession might be used against you should the case end up in the courts.

Obtain medical help
While you are certainly concerned about damages to your automobile and how you are going to deal with the insurance company, your first priority should be to get well as quickly as possible and you should seek medical help immediately. Again, you might not be in a position to gauge the kind of injuries you could have acquired and you therefore need help. The costs incurred in this way should also not discourage you as they shall be catered for by your insurance cover.

Report to your insurance company and avoid talking to the other driver’s insurers
Your insurance company should also be kept in the picture. Should you fail to report to your insurers, they might fail to settle your claim even when it is genuine. Of course you must avoid talking to the insurance company of the other driver for the simple reason that they’d most probably be trying to find fault with you to make sure that you shoulder the blame.

However active you might be on social media, you must resist sharing details about your accident with people on these platforms – such details could also be used against you in the courts.