Distracted Driving and How it Causes Accidents

The causes of auto accidents are many and varied and in most cases they can be avoided. In fact, human error is to blame for the vast majority of accidents. For this reason, while auto manufacturers make great efforts to make cars safer, human error and recklessness continues to cause untold misery by making our roads unsafe.

Outside drunk driving, distracted driving is a major cause of highly preventable accidents. What are the common forms of distracted driving and how can you avoid them?

Using the phone while driving
While there are laws outlawing or limiting the use of mobile phones when driving, many drivers still continue to ignore these laws with catastrophic consequences. In some states, speaking on the phone when driving is outlawed while in others the driver can only use the phone with a hands-free headset.

Apart from speaking on the phone, some drivers write text messages while driving yet this practice is universally outlawed. Texting is such a serious breach of traffic laws that it is equated to drunk driving. Research has shown that a driver who texts while driving is slow to react and could easily ram into other vehicles or veer off the road. Mobile phone use on the road is a great distraction that is capable of the most undesirable consequences and the really safe thing to do is avoid it at all times.

Other causes of distraction
While mobile devices are to blame for the vast cases of distracted driving there are other causes of distraction.

Few people read while driving but it has been established that there are drivers who could start reading a book or a newspaper when they get caught in traffic but, unfortunately, continue reading when they start moving again. To avoid falling into this trap, it helps to keep your reading material in the back seat where you’ll feel inconvenienced fetching it.

Trying to change the radio station you are listening to while driving could also be distracting especially when you are driving at a high speed. And while snacking is mandatory for some drivers, unwrapping the food you intend to take could reduce your concentration and before you realize it you could be involved in an accident. Finally, however much you might be pressed for time and however important the function you are going to might be, you must resist the temptation to apply make-up while driving.